Refill Smoke Waterfall Incense Cones (approx. x100 pieces)

Refill Smoke Waterfall Incense Cones (approx. x100 pieces)

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Used for centuries to provide a delicate fragrance, incense is made from plant-based materials and essential oils for a natural and energising scent.

Known to enhance concentration and focus, incense can help with meditation, yoga or working from home. Alternatively, it can also just be used as a piece of living nature home decoration - something that's sure to get a double take from any visiting guests too! Other benefits include reducing anxiety, stimulating creativity and boosting motivation.

These scented incense cones are specially made to work with back-flow incense burners.



Design: Bullet shaped and produced with a small hole in the base, and a hollow interior, these cones will produce the beautiful smoke 'waterfall' type effect. Designed for use with back-flow incense burners.

Relax: The wonderful aromatic smells from incense help create a chilled-out mood, particularly useful if you wish to escape away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Also ideal for use at the end of the day when listening to some music or devoting some time and picking up that book you keep meaning to read.

Air Purification: Cover those unwanted household smells from your pets, cooking or stale spaces. It's a quick and easy way to revive a space leaving it fresh once more.

Meditation: Incense is used widely in many religious/spiritual practices to improve concentration and heighten your senses. This focus can help connect your train of thoughts, wishes and positive mental attitude.

Health: The effect of good aromas from incense has been shown to release serotonin. Serotonin is a natural chemical produced in our brains, which helps regulate our eating, digestion and sleeping patterns. It's also known to balance our mood, reduce depression and reduce anxiety.


Eco-Friendly / Well-Being

  • Healthy Living
  • Relaxation
  • Spiritual



  • Application Area: Living Room / Office / Yoga / Meditation
  • Type: Incense Burner Cones
  • Replenishment Pack: Approx. 100 pieces
  • Weight: Approx. 300 grams.
  • Use: Smell Removing / Dehumidification
  • Classification: Incense



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